What's better than Butter? More Butter.

BUTTER is the brainchild of GANGGANG founders Mali Jeffers and Alan Bacon. It’s a direct manifestation of their mission to produce, promote, and preserve culture by creating equity in the arts and the creative economy.

In its inaugural year, this annual fine art fair showcased the work of over 30 Black visual artists from across the country, garnered national media attention, attracted international buyers, and raised the profile of Black artists not only in Indianapolis, but nationwide.

BUTTER is back at it for year two — almost triple the size — again showcasing the work of Black visual and performing artists over a four-day experience that’s not to be missed.

We were honored to partner with GANGGANG once again to develop the event’s visual language, create brand experiences, provide promotion, and ultimately, help make the art world a more accessible and equitable place.

Apparel photography by Jay Goldz. Banner photo by Keri Kirschner.


Public Relations

Butter 2 Shirt
Butter 2 exterior signage
Butter 2 Shirt
Butter 2 shirt
Butter 2 Poster wall
Butter Invitation Box
Butter 2 Signage
Butter Invitation Box
Butter 2 butter statue
Butter 2 Signage
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