Frittle® the fudge-like brittle is the popular peanut treat from Newfangled Confections. Founder Carrie Abbott has a hit on her hands.

Peanut treats in pastel packages

Abbott’s signature creation is receiving attention from national retailers. As a result, her packaging needs to work in wider distribution, on shelves, counters, end caps, and standalone displays. With sweet and savvy new package design, Frittle will make the transition — from farmers market favorite to distributor darling.

We updated the candy’s custom wordmark (which, incidentally, we created in 2012), improving legibility while retaining whimsy. Now, each flavor pops on a pastel background. Altogether, five Frittle varieties round out the line – classic peanut, coconut, sesame, dark chocolate covered, and milk chocolate covered. It’s not quite fudge, and not quite brittle; it’s Frittle.

The visual language has also been applied to a suite of craft-paper boxes, trays, shippers, power wings, and a trade show suite. Today, you can find Frittle “in the wild” at Bed Bath & Beyond, Market District, The Fresh Market, Books-A-Million, Fresh Thyme, and Murray’s Cheese Shops in Kroger stores, as well as nearly 50 area boutique shops.