A glamorous team of communications consultants. Confident, global, and experienced. Through our research, it became clear that The Brandman Agency exists to elevate, serve, and protect the world’s most prestigious hotel and travel brands.

But there was a big disconnect online. By helping leadership to first define a strategic position and to streamline the offering, we were able to reimagine their destination branding identity.

Destination branding starts with understanding

Much as Brandman does with their destination clients, we started by understanding the agency from the inside-out. With offices in New York, Los Angeles, London, and Sydney, Brandman needed to look and feel global. Interviews with the team, clients, and the media uncovered a brand that offers influence and results. We created a new visual identity and messaging that reflected that promise. In addition, we revamped the website and overall aesthetic to be more in line with the agency’s jet-set personality and modern approach to public relations. As a result, the new look is relevant, confident, and high-end. Just like the women and men of Brandman.

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