The tech pioneers at Conga have addressed a common business problem with an elegant solution. Their offering is hard to explain, but easy to demonstrate. Using video, animation, and visual storytelling, that’s just what we did.

Since the dawn of time, businesses have used documents. They’re vital to every-day operations both internally and externally. However, creating, sending, reviewing, updating, organizing, and tracking documents is frustrating. It’s also time-consuming. Simply put, the way we use documents is inefficient and hurting the bottom line for many businesses.

Explaining the Conga offering

This Conga solutions video presents a typical business problem involving an overloaded team. Their sales, accounts, and legal departments are bogged down by the documents they depend on. With Conga, creating and sending a perfectly-branded document while gathering internal feedback and approvals can be accomplished in minutes, not days. Effectively shrinking the sales cycle and improving close rates. Account and legal teams will also benefit from Conga AI as they analyze contracts in moments.

The video has connected successfully with business owners, sales managers and office managers, driving product adoption and accelerating Conga’s sales cycle.

Video animation simplifies the complex

Animated videos are a great way to explain a complex product and shrink the sales cycle. For Conga, we relied heavily on visual storytelling and some editing magic to explain how the technology seamlessly works within different departments.

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