Each year when winter turns to spring, it’s a new chance to have the nicest yard on the block. Enter, GreenCycle mulch.

Come April, GreenCycle delivery trucks fan out in neighborhoods, loaded to the hilt with mulch. They’re a ubiquitous precursor of warm weather and backyard barbecues. For winter-weary Midwesterners, it’s a welcome sight. But, the perennial GreenCycle truck migration is relatively a new phenomenon. Before 2012, GreenCycle was a wholesaler, only occasionally selling mulch to homeowners and with limited delivery options. When owner John Repenning approached us, he was ready to make a retail name for the brand.

GreenCycle needed a product advertising strategy.

Through our initial customer research, we decided to focus on mulch (over other products) and delivery (over pick-up). We’ve spent the years since deploying clever ways to ensure GreenCycle = Mulch in the minds of homeowners citywide. Our favorite product advertising concept? Woodrow, a fifth-generation artisanal mulch man, who crafts his product one tiny bag at a time. And, we’ve worked with the GreenCycle brand to enhance convenience, devising and continually improving the online ordering experience.

Today, retail sales are impressive.

The company delivers 100 truckloads of mulch, per day, during peak season. In 2016, the Woodrow commercial spots also captured a Gold ADDY and Best-in-Show ADDY in Indianapolis.

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