Every child deserves a great education. It’s their right and our responsibility. This is the guiding principle of Indianapolis Public Schools (IPS).

Of course, this is not an easy mission. It’s often thankless. For the administrators and teachers who serve a city’s kids, resources and support can be in short supply. Despite these challenges, IPS is making great strides. Through creative partnerships, the district offers a wide variety of educational models. With IPS, kids have the opportunity to learn large.

To help parents and guardians navigate the options, we created the Learn Large website, which allows parents to navigate schools, explore models, and discover the unique experiences available in the district. They’ll be able to schedule in-person tours to inform their school decisions. Ultimately, options are clear and next steps are easy.

A campaign in English and Spanish will connect with parents through targeted radio and TV ads, online videos, billboards, bus ads, yard signs, and pride materials (like pop-sockets and t-shirts), and social channels.

Tailored, surprising, and innovative. Yeah, that’s IPS.