“Print is dead, long live print!” Declaring the end of print leaves a funny ring in the ears of those who have always thought of the medium as uniquely living. Carrying the coffee stains and dog-eared pages of traveled age, a book connects with its reader on an intimate level.

Indianapolis wanted to attract new residents to the city, but getting people to move is difficult. Furthermore, rethinking the city branding won’t help people understand why the city is so great. So we took a more subtle approach: tell the wonderful, inspiring stories that make the city great.

More than words on a page

In order to tell those stories, we needed to create a new platform. In addition to a website, we wanted to give potential future residents something as tactile as the bricks at the Motor Speedway and the stone of the statues and monuments.

Working with writers and photographers living throughout the city, we developed a custom publication to bring the stories to life. By combining art, storytelling, and tactile printing methods, we created a unique way to experience Indianapolis. Now our little books are living their individual lives in Indianapolis and across the county. They find homes in the hands of realtors, potential homebuyers, proud citizens, and who knows whom else around the country—telling the stories of Indy.

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The No Mean City publication helped tell the stories of Indianapolis with a collection of articles from the website redesigned for a print format. Custom photographs and illustrations cover the pages with beautiful images of life in the city.