Upon repealing Prohibition, Franklin Delano Roosevelt declared, “I think this would be a good time for a beer.” Fast forward 80 years, and the sentiment still inspires drinkers and craft brewers alike. Four Day Ray (the other FDR) needed to stand out from the craft beer crowd, launch a successful restaurant, and fit in with their community of Fishers, Indiana. It would be a beer for the people.

The community of Fishers has a rich railway history. And “Four Day Ray” is a railroad term for a hardworking man who’s habitually off-duty on the fifth day of the work week. The name embodies the spirit of the brewery, and 1930s Americana inspired our designs. The resulting Four Day Ray beer brand feels like it’s been around forever.

Beyond can designs

The first few cans, including the popular Laplander Blonde, Scottish Doonright Ale, and Trackjumper IPA, began to define the brand. From there, the visual story has expanded to include menus, glassware, wearables, a website, and social media channels. In addition, we conducted market research pertaining to price points and competition. Then, we generated regional and industry buzz.

Most importantly, the brand has evolved from a home brewer’s personal passion to a restaurant and brewery with two-hour waits. Now, every day is a good day for a beer at Four Day Ray. We’ll raise a glass to that.

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We created three custom typefaces for the Four Day Ray identity. These—as well as the character illustrations and icon set—were hand-rendered before being digitized, giving the entire system visual cohesion and authenticity.