An evolved identity and business development materials for a global design firm.

Over its nearly 75-year history, WATG had built its reputation on exceptional design. Born in Hawaii in 1945 and surfing the wave of optimism that followed the end of the second world war, the still independently-owned firm has since expanded its reach around the globe. Today the firm pioneers emerging urban, leisure and entertainment destinations, designing some of the world’s most successful and recognizable hospitality brands.

As WATG approached its 75th anniversary, leadership sought to refresh the brand and business development materials to reflect its vision for the next decade, all while honoring its storied past.  To bring things into alignment, we worked alongside WATG’s marketing and senior leadership team to craft a well-defined strategic position, distilling the firm’s unique selling points down into refreshed messaging, a reimagined visual identity, and a modern suite of client-focused business development materials.

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As part of the process, we also worked with Wimberly Interiors — WATG’s interior design studio — to evolve their unique identity, devising a wordmark that better reflects the studio’s refined aesthetic, creating a stronger relationship to its parent brand.