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Union Williams

Over the past 15 years, Union has helped startup, mid-size and big businesses understand their audiences and reach new ones. His experience spans all aspects of brand strategy and creative development. He’s led entire cities through brand overhauls. He’s planned a state-hopping video shoot on less than two weeks’ notice. He’s orchestrated projects for Fortune 500 companies and professional sports teams. Union is an agency guy through and through. He earned his stripes managing accounts at J. Walter Thompson and Lodge Design, and he holds a BA in communication from DePauw University.

I got into this field because I like studying people. Why do they believe what they do? Is it their parents, their upbringing, the people around them? And how do you change their minds? I like putting myself in someone else’s shoes.

If my clients were the only game in town, this job would be easy. The challenge is rarely the client. It’s the customers. How do I get them to go to my clients first, while staying on budget and schedule? Getting customers’ attention is harder than ever before. But there’s nothing I love more than seeing a client’s numbers go up because of a campaign we created together.

On paper, it’s a 50/50 split. I work at Pivot, but really, I work for my clients. I make sure we understand their business and their industry. It’s my responsibility to think like a business owner. What do they need to make their company succeed and how can I add value? If I’m doing my job well, my clients can come to me with anything, and we’ll figure out the next steps from there.

I grew up in a small town. I’ve always been proud of that — coming from the country that is. I’d watch my dad growing up. He’d work on old cars, fix things around the house. I learned that from him. If something’s broken, I like to figure out how to fix it myself.

I get my mind off work by golfing. I play with a group of friends. We have a handful of events every year with our first in May. As soon as it gets warm enough to play, I’m out on the course getting ready. It’s a motivator, people need that. When you actually go up against someone, that’s when you find out if you’re clutch.

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