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Copy Director

Rachel Hunter

As Copy Director, Rachel shapes the voice of our clients’ brands, ensuring it’s always true to strategy—and just plain true. She enjoys delving into the research and dreaming up new executions. She earned her BA in Marketing Communication at Columbia College Chicago, followed by a few years freelancing her way around the world. She enjoys playing racquetball in the wee hours of the morning, art, dog hikes, yoga, and hosting dinner parties with lots of bourbon.

Authenticity and truth is what really makes or breaks it. If what I’m saying has even a whiff of untruth or pandering, it’s worthless. The audience writes you off immediately.

The stranger the better for me. While the easiest assignments are those with an audience that I innately understand, I prefer the more unusual ones. The ones that require research and chatting up lots of strangers in public places. I’ll walk up to anyone in the name of research—totally fearless.

I believe in perspective and knowing when to be quiet. A big part of authenticity is about learning from other people, not assuming. I love hearing a viewpoint that turns mine upside-down. Traveling and making friends from countries all over the world, I’ve realized just how malleable my perspective is and that has made me a more empathetic person. Useful life skill, really useful copywriting skill.

As a kid, I wanted to be a Bond girl. I’m not exactly doing that, but I’ve been a lot of places and worn a lot of impractical outfits, which feels like a good start. I guess I do get to pretend to be other people all day, so in a way I’m closer to that dream than I thought.

I write to think. After a long day of writing, I unwind on my porch with a glass of wine, and more writing. I need that time to untangle my brain. Joan Didion said it best, “I write entirely to find out what I’m thinking, what I’m looking at, what I see and what it means. What I want and what I fear.”

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