Nicole O’Neal
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Marketing is creative problem solving.

Researcher & Digital Specialist

Nicole O’Neal

Influenced by her musical background, Nicole lends an artistic, yet meticulous, eye to everything she touches. Her ability to view things from multiple perspectives serves her well as our Researcher & Digital Specialist, tasked with considering all angles to achieve client goals. She’s spent her career in the arts helping musicians and visual artists alike promote themselves, tell their stories, and get connected with resources, people, and venues. She came to us from the Indianapolis Museum of Art, where she created multimedia stories for large audiences as their Online Content Manager. When she’s not learning the ins and outs of our clients’ businesses she plays in a band, is active in the local music community, and brunches like a champ.

I really love a good conversation. I’m very open. That’s how I get close to people—through conversation you get to know each other, you get to understand each other, you get to listen and broaden your perspective.

Helping people tell their story and create their brand—to communicate who they are and what they do—I’ve always enjoyed that work most. I want to help get ideas out. There are so many of them and they can all get lost if you don’t have a great way to tell that story and connect with people.

When picking a college, I liked the idea of commercials and music. That you could give someone an idea without telling them exactly what you want. It’s really up to the audience to formulate what that means based on their own set of values, or skills, or symbols.

Nicole O’Neal