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Change is inevitable—embrace it.


Keri Kirschner

For the last 15 years, Keri has counseled some of the world’s most prestigious travel and lifestyle brands: Royal Caribbean, Qantas Airways, Belmond, Thompson, and InterContinental Hotels, The Bahamas, Yabu Pushelberg. And most recently, Bloomington and Bottleworks. A DePauw grad and Indy native, she hustled at The Brandman Agency and Weber Shandwick in Manhattan before finding Pivot. Her areas of expertise? Message development, national media relations, crisis communications, big-brand promotions, and special events.

The best things in my life have come from travel. I met my husband while abroad in Australia, and since then, my career has taken me all over the world. Hopping on a plane teaches you things you can’t learn from reading about a place.

New York is a microcosm of the world. The highest highs and lowest lows. Moving there made me brave, and more observant. The city made me street smart—and broke. The New York Times made me appear to know what I was talking about. Coming from Indiana motivated me to do more and see more, but it also kept me grounded.

I’ve always been good with screaming babies, metaphorically and otherwise. My early training in crisis communications taught me to keep a level head in the midst of chaos. To plan for the worst-case scenario, to stay on message, and to see your client through the storm with grace.

Practice makes perfect. It doesn’t make new. My past experiences have prepared me for what I’m doing now, but I’m always refining my approach. Progress implies change, which means that old strategies don’t always apply to new problems. I try hard to keep an open mind so that I can recognize, and capitalize on, new opportunities.

Being a mother has taught me about running a business and vice versa. You put your entire heart into something. It’s part of you, but it’s beyond you and bigger than you. When clients work with me to grow their business, they’re trusting me with their most precious possession. I never forget how serious that responsibility is.

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