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I go through a lot of sketch books.

Art Director

Josh Taylor

Josh brings strategy to life through thoughtful design. He helps civic-minded clients, including No Mean City, Christ Church Cathedral, and Near East Area Renewal, communicate with their audiences and reach their strategic goals. Before joining Pivot, he worked with a wide range of clients including Eli Lilly and Company, Rolls-Royce, and The Governor’s Council for People with Disabilities. Josh graduated from Anderson University with a degree in visual communication design and has nine years of agency experience. He also serves as a mentor to high school students in the youth group at Plainfield Christian Church.

Once a client knows who they are and who they want to talk to, I help with the next step. My role is to establish a look, a feel, a sight, a sound that influences people to trust and listen to our client. I make sure their message gets to other people, and that they represent themselves as they actually are.

Drawing by hand lets me think freely. It helps me design in a way that’s more organic and intuitive, and in turn that feeling will translate into the digital realm. I draw a lot of throwaway ideas, too—you never know when you’ll stumble on a great idea on the path to a working design.

I have great teachers to thank for where I am today. They could see my sense of creativity and encouraged it, saying things like “You’re doing something here. Keep running with it.” That pushed me forward, knowing someone believed in me. I hope I can do the same for the guys I mentor.

While doing my thesis work, I read Ellul’s Propaganda. It challenged me, really made me think through my commitments and beliefs and shaped me as a designer. I have this huge responsibility to influence others on behalf of my clients, and together we work to do that in an ethical way.

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