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Strategy is almost like therapy.

Head of Strategy

Jonathan Allinson

Jonathan helps companies create roadmaps for advancing their brands. He conducts in-depth market and audience research and has developed strategic marketing plans for a wide range of clients, including Christ Church Cathedral, Four Day Ray, and the Arts Council of Indianapolis. After studying media arts and business administration at Butler University, he worked at Indiana Recycling Coalition, then served as the director of operations and development of People for Urban Progress. He’s a member of Downtown Indy’s marketing board and a graduate of IndyHub’s 1828 Project. He enjoys roasting coffee, cooking, and trying to be handy in his 1870’s Cottage Home.

You have to be resourceful to survive. Working for small nonprofits, I learned to think strategically about finite resources. That was good training for what I do now. No organization has unlimited capital. It’s my responsibility to make sure we use their investment effectively.

It takes time to connect the dots. We get to know our clients, understand their pain points, conduct research, and wind up with a sea of information. Then we make sense of it all to answer our clients’ questions and develop a strategy to move them forward. Sometimes, what seemed like a no brainer initially turns out not be the wisest decision. Other times, research reveals a solution no one had thought of yet.

Outside of work, I’m not a planner. I have to be detail-oriented here, but I’m a very spontaneous person in my social life. I love spending time with my wife and having new adventures, abroad or locally.

Strong neighborhoods matter. I love when clients from any sector have a desire to be an active part of their community. Given my past experience, I’m honored to work with many civic organizations who enhance city life, whether that’s encouraging homeownership or improving the urban environment. On a personal level, I strive to be involved in the life of my own community—spending time with friends and neighbors, going to public events, participating in the world around me.

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