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I don’t like writing, but I love having written.

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Joe Golc

Around Pivot, Joe is the man behind the words—but his writing background is anything but traditional. He doesn’t hold a degree in English or Journalism. And growing up, he inhaled more classic movies than he did classic books. So, how did he become a writer? A dare. Joe stumbled upon his future vocation following a short stint in Colorado and brief stay in sales after graduating from Indiana University. His buddies challenged him to write down one of the stories he’s so fond of telling—and the rest, as they say, is history. As a self-taught scribe, Joe has quickly risen the ranks to senior writer, creating original copy for his clients. Outside work, you can find him reading screenplays, writing his own, or watching them play out on the big screen (he’s a bit of a cinephile).

Writing was never my plan. It certainly wasn’t something I ever thought I’d be doing, but once I started, I couldn’t see myself doing anything else. I went from telling stories to writing them down for fun to crafting them professionally. Still seems illusory.

The most precious commodity in this world is time. Which makes our most important decision how we chose to spend the time we have. So, don’t wait. Don’t waste time—patience is overrated. Good things come to those who don’t dawdle.

It’s about finding the essence. When writing, I’m looking for fundamental, resonating truths which I can harness to make the audience feel something. If I can do that, I’ve succeeded.

Writing has no curtain call. Best way I’ve heard it described is… being a writer is like having homework for the rest of your life. The moment you finish something is the same moment there are revisions to be made, or something new to start. It never ends.

I don’t mind knowing the ending. Knowing the ending makes me appreciate everything that comes before it. Because that’s what makes a story great—the journey, not the destination.

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