There’s a lot to consider when introducing a new product to the universe. Who is our customer? What words resonate with your target personas? How much of a description does your product need? What differentiates it from competitors? Is anybody going to read all of this? I can tell I’m on the verge of losing you, let’s jump to the part where we created a video.

Sometimes that dusty stock photography library and bullet point slide deck are not going to get the message across. A new product launch needs to make a splash. In times like these, video is a very valuable tool for marketers. This was the case when our friends at Octiv, an evolving document sharing firm, came to us with a challenge. Introduce our new document sharing product to the masses with video. Our eyes lit up.

Explaining the benefits of your software platform to a global audience can be challenging with just a couple short minutes. Especially when the video needs to appeal to a wide variety of audiences, in different vertical markets, and unique office protocols. This is not uncommon, marketing is often asked to do a lot of the heavy lifting, and in short order.

We’ve all heard the alarming reports of the declining human attention span, about eight seconds for the average adult these days. That’s another hurdle the savvy marketer must keep in mind. Therefore, we knew we had to create a compelling video that grabbed the viewer’s attention and meticulously explained the product.

With the help of our client’s vision, we settled on a concept. We would cast a live-action character, Sara, who would go about a typical day in the office. This first act would set the situation at hand in many businesses across the globe. This is a popular tactic with product videos, we want our viewer to identify with the situation from the beginning. Ideally, we’d like them to pre-qualify themselves that this product could make their life, or the life of their staff better. Sara experiences the same frustrations we’ve all felt in our lives with document versioning. All the things that cause mistakes, decreased profitability, and extended timelines. The first act culminates with the hard copy document, covered in red ink, catching on fire as it’s tossed in the garbage can (Our creative team finally got a chance to light something on fire).

Fear not, things begin to look up in act two as Octiv comes to the rescue with their cloud-based document workflow. Using animated graphics, we showed what makes the Octiv product so special. We conclude the video with Sara leaving to see her child’s game, on-time. Everybody wins.


Video is great for many reasons, but maximizing your investment and taking full advantage is another thing. Here are some helpful things to ask yourself before embarking on your next video project.

What is the core goal of your video?

A video with multiple focal points and messages is likely to fall short. We recommend picking a core goal for your project and staying laser focused in your approach. The gun shot approach rarely works.

How will your target audience find the video?

So, your amazing new video is averaging 30 views a month. That’s unfortunate, you poured your heart (and money) into that video. We always recommend developing a strategy for how you’ll drive traffic to a video before you create the video. Depending on your goals and budget, there’s an abundance of options available to capture those eyeballs. We love Kevin Costner but leave the, “if you build it, they will come” concept to Hollywood.

Will your sales team use the video?

We’re always intrigued to learn from our client’s sales team. They typically have a different experience than the leadership or marketing team. Enlist your sales team’s thoughts early in the project. Plus, if they have a hand in creating the video, the chances increase they’ll utilize it.

If you think video is the best vehicle to introduce your next product or service, we hope you found this article helpful.

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