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New Work: Bosma Enterprises
New Work: Bosma Enterprises
See Blindness Differently in These Three Spots

Bosma Enterprises sees things differently, and as a client, they challenge us to do the same. Our team created a series of Emmy-winning spots to show how Bosma is making life better for those who are blind or visually impaired.

If you’ve always been sighted, the idea of sudden blindness probably sounds like the end of a normal life. You rely on your eyes to get dressed, drive to work, do your job, and provide for your family or connect with your friends. It’s hard to imagine daily life without sight.

But when gunshot wounds took Ray Montgomery’s sight, he refused to let blindness limit him. He went to college, graduated with a degree in communication, and thanks to Bosma, found a job to provide for his family.

“You can do the same things, but you have to do them in a different way,” Ray explains.

Ray is just one of thousands empowered by Bosma Enterprises. For more than 100 years, Bosma has helped people who are blind or visually impaired find independence and meaningful employment. So when Bosma asked us to help tell their story, we wanted to highlight the individuals they’ve helped.

Our goal was to personalize the story by putting a face on blindness. Working with Bayonet Media, we created a series of three TV spots. The first, “Switch Track,” and the second, “Faces,” both won Emmys.

Watch the spots below, and check out the other work we’ve done for Bosma.