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Rebranding Done Right
Rebranding Done Right
OpenTable finds the deeper meaning of a brand

This past Tuesday, OpenTable launched a long awaited and much deserved rebrand. They unveiled a better logo, a better tagline, and most importantly a better mission. OpenTable took something as mundane as making a dinner reservation and made it into an engaging and fulfilling dining experience.

Find the deeper need

OpenTable has always been known for being a tool for making reservations. But they are now showing people that they can be much more. They have taken the “it’s not what you do, but why you do it” approach by finding the deeper meaning of what they do. They don’t want to be just a tool for making reservations, but a resource for creating better dining experiences. They’re now more helpful, putting the needs of restaurants and guests first, creating better experiences for everyone involved in the dining process.

It’s more than just a logo

OpenTable has new and improved logo, this is true, but rebranding is more than just creating a new logo for your company.  A brand’s identity is about its philosophical approach to how a company expresses itself and the story it tells.

OpenTable didn’t just create a more appealing logo; they created a more appealing identity with a new website and resources. Through newsletters, phone payment capabilities, and feature stories, OpenTable has brought it all back to their new tagline: “The table is just the start…”



Keep it simple

When creating a new brand identity, it’s easy to get carried away. Through all of the added resources and new messaging, OpenTable could have easily become nothing but a hyperbolic mess.

Instead, they made sure everything went back to the same message: “There are so many universal, shared experiences that we create, capture and celebrate. And they all begin around the restaurant table.” With every blog post, case study, and tablet app, OpenTable made sure it was to get people together around a table in the best way possible.

When creating a new brand or revamping an old one, take a step back, and step back often. Always ask yourself, “How does this encompass our overall message?”

Talk with your audience, not at them

There’s no better way to say you value your audience than to include them in the conversation. OpenTable is doing a great job in opening up the table to recommendations, giving back, and creating a restaurant community to help guests and restaurant owners get the most out of a multifaceted connection. People want to be a part of something great, not just be told what’s going on.