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We’ve Moved!
We’ve Moved!
It's a wonderful day in our new neighborhood.

From 2011 to 2016, the Pivot team called 1052 Virginia Ave home. We loved our storefront in Fountain Square, and we have a lot of great memories there: meetings with clients, breakthrough brainstorm sessions, that time we took in a stray cat, and, of course, dreaming up concepts for our kickball shirts. But after five years, we finally outgrew the space.

This week, the Pivoteers packed our things and headed up the street to 646 Virginia Ave. We’ll still be within walking distance of all our Fountain Square faves (expect to see us often, Wildwood Market and Siam Square), but the move means we’re officially joining the historic Fletcher Place neighborhood.



We’re super excited about the new space. (Seriously, get a load of this breakroom. Thanks, Axis Architecture.)



And we’re equally as excited about our new neighbors. Fletcher Place is packed with community-minded business leaders working to make Indianapolis an even more creative, welcoming, and inspiring place to live (and eat—Pivoteers love to eat). Here are just a few of the folks we’ll be proud to call our neighbors:


Calvin Fletcher’s Coffee Company
Doug and Judy Litsey and their son Jeff opened this not-for-profit coffee shop in 2009 to provide financial assistance to community members in need, and over the years, the shop has developed a tight-knit community of its own. Visit and you’ll find yourself making friends with the Calvin’s regulars. The Pivot crew was already at Calvin’s pretty often—so much so that we sometimes referred to it as Pivot North—but now that we’re directly across the street, we’re pretty sure we’ll be there everyday.

A longtime supplier to some of our favorite Indy restaurants, Amelia’s opened its first brick-and-mortar store this past fall. Lucky for us, they chose a spot right across the street. The store is everything you dream a bakery could be, from the cheerful lavender doors to the tree-trunk slab counter handcrafted with help from the shop’s owner.

Nicey Treat
Nicey is another new resident of Fletcher Place. They also serve pops from their Broad Ripple storefront and at farmer’s markets throughout the city, and they offer a rotating menu of handcrafted frozen treats in some pretty amazing flavors: mango ginger, blackberry lemongrass, dark chocolate chili, and more. The Virginia Avenue location hasn’t opened yet, but with the warm weather coming, it won’t be long.

The Bureau
This coworking office in the Hinge building is a great example of Indy’s entrepreneurial spirit. You can rent a private room, buy membership for shared space, or get a day pass. The space gives small businesses and startups room to create and collaborate—just one of the reasons the city is such a great place to get an idea off the ground or run an independent venture. 

Hotel Tango
Hotel Tango is Indiana’s first small-batch distillery as well as the first disabled-veteran-owned distillery in the nation. Their bar, a renovated 19th-century carriage house, welcomes patrons with a crackling hearth and a pet-friendly policy. We love it for its cozy, historic feel and, of course, its delicious mixed spirits. After work drinks, anyone?

Named after one of Indianapolis author Kurt Vonnegut’s novels, Bluebeard is one of our go-tos for lunch meetings. They support small businesses by using local produce and meat—veggies from non-profit urban farm Growing Places Indy, meats from Smoking Goose, dairy products from Traders Point Creamery, and more. A Vonnegut quote engraved on the bench in Bluebeard’s courtyard reads, “If this isn’t nice, I don’t know what is.” Our thoughts exactly.

Tortas Guicho Dominguez y El Cubanito
This colorful restaurant puts a fun spin on its authentic Mexican sandwiches by naming them after celebrities. And ever since we discovered Tortas has $1.50 tacos on Wednesdays, we’ve made it an office tradition. If you’re at Pivot that day, you’ll hear our creative director, Ryan, call out, “Taco Wednesday,” on the dot at 11 and see a crowd gather at the door to walk over.

Sister restaurant to Siam Square—one of our Fountain Square faves—Rook combines Korean, Vietnamese, Filipino, Chinese, Indian, Thai, and Laotian flavors to create a modern Asian fusion menu. Rook recently moved north on Virginia Ave to expand their seating. And the new building also features an open kitchen, so you can watch the action as your chef prepares your meal.

The Cultural Trail
Just like Fountain Square, Fletcher Place has easy access to the Cultural Trail, which links six of Indy’s cultural districts. Officially opened in 2013, this groundbreaking project has created an estimated 11,372 jobs, and the nonprofit organization that runs it continues to serve the city by maintaining the trail and hosting community programs. We love being close to such an important part of the city.

If you haven’t been to Fletcher Place recently (or even if you have), it might be time for another visit. Stop by to see us! We’d love to show you around our new office and neighborhood.