Account Manager
Sabreena Sorrell
“It’s impossible to be bored in Indianapolis.”

Sabreena didn’t play with dolls as a child. Instead, she designed clothes for them and spent hours sorting shoes from shirts, skirts from dresses. She learned to knit. She sewed. She took piano lessons, was a self-described “orchestra nerd,” and even sold jewelry on Etsy. When asked about her creative ventures, Sabreena says, “Art, design, and music have always been in my life in some way.”

As an account manager for Pivot, Sabreena helps clients implement marketing strategies. She encourages them to think outside of the box, and believes in the power of forward-thinking and creative presentation.

Sabreena studied graphic design and visual communication at Arizona State University. She grew up in Vermont, but was sold on moving to Indianapolis after her brother talked about the city’s sports culture and arts scene. “Indy is a creative place with a little bit of everything,” Sabreena explains. “I get to live in the city, but I’m only an hour away from places like Brown County. With live concerts, the exploding food scene, and locally owned businesses, there’s no excuse not to go outside.”