PR Specialist
Libby Simmons
“A crafting activity gone terribly wrong.”

If Libby’s downtown condo were ever to catch fire and she could only save one thing, it would be her KitchenAid mixer. On her first day as a Pivoteer, she showed up with homemade donuts, and we knew she’d fit right in. A classic INTJ personality, Libby loves to Google and thinks there’s no excuse for not learning more about any given topic. This inquisitive nature helped her earn a total of 11 internships throughout college.

“The summer after my freshman year at IU, my dad found me glued to the carpet after a crafting activity had gone terribly wrong. He suggested that I look for an internship. Little did he know, I would take his advice and run with it,” says Libby. In all of these endeavors, she crafted her voice as a writer and lives by Maya Angelou’s wisdom: “There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.”

When she is not helping clients share their stories, you can find Libby riding her bike, experimenting with new recipes, and chasing after her pup Winston (most likely headed to Starbucks for a pup cup). Prior to Pivot, Libby got her start at the Statehouse covering the legislative session and then made the leap to PR. As a board member for Dig IN and Junior League of Indianapolis, she stays involved in the community and is always ready to jump in to help.