Keri Kirschner
"Marrakech is my next to-do."

Travel has always been a force in Keri’s life and lifestyle. Which is why it’s ironic, and awesome, that she now calls Indy home again. She studied abroad, married abroad, and handled clients on seven continents. To this day, she makes it a priority to pack a bag, even with a young family. “Whenever I need to put things in perspective, I take a trip,” says Keri. “Break the routine, get out of the everyday. Plan something to look forward to.”

A DePauw alumna and Indy area native, Keri recently relocated from New York City, where she spent a decade handling the business—and personalities of—travel. Some of the world’s most prestigious brands, thanks to Rene, Alice and HRH Miss Melanie B.

Before The Brandman Agency, it was Weber Shandwick Worldwide. Royal Caribbean and The Bahamas, and then Orient-Express and InterContinental. Consulting and media relations for global hotel groups, airlines, sunny tourism boards, and some pretty unforgettable interior design firms.

But make no mistake. She’s thrilled to be back. And to be a part of Pivot.

When she’s not interrupting others from her “tiny desk” in Fountain Square, she’s helping Indy to build a more modern profile and praying for inner peace at Cityoga. She still enjoys far-flung travel, Mother Nature, and making sure her two Tasmanian Devils toe the line. And pick up after themselves. At least once, for the love.