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One Thing a Day
One Thing a Day
What Makes Our New Content Director Happy

After 10 years working for some of Indy’s biggest brands, Ashly Myers joins the Pivot team as our new content director. So what keeps this content director content? One simple rule.

I’m your classic overachiever.

Gifted-and-talented program as a child? Check.

High-school salutatorian? Check. (Here’s where I pause to point out that I narrowly missed being valedictorian due to a grade-weighting technicality. But clearly I’ve moved on, and it doesn’t bother me at all.)

Community volunteer? Two-sport athlete? Awkward teenager trying to figure it all out while never appearing vulnerable or imperfect? Check, check, and check.

Long before I had real, grown-up responsibilities, I learned time was precious. If I didn’t protect it from life’s vortex of distractions, I wouldn’t have any left over for myself. So I developed a coping mechanism that helped me survive even the most chaotic parts of adolescence: AP classes, college applications, and yes, talking to boys.

The idea keeps me going now when adulthood feels overwhelming. It inspires and motivates me. And it’s actually pretty simple.

Do one thing every day that makes you happy.

That’s it. Not one giant thing. Not one thing for someone else. Not all the things. Just one thing that makes you happy.

When I was young, my one thing could have been reading for pleasure, going to a football game with friends, or curling up on the couch for my favorite TV show. Those same things still make me happy. And no matter what else is going on in my life, I make time for at least one of them every day.

Some days, I only have 15 minutes for my one thing. Other days, I manage to squeeze in more than one. But before I crash into my pillow each night, I do something that brings me joy – and I ignore the bills, the grad school papers, the work commitments, the laundry. I’d rather forgo a half hour of sleep than sacrifice my “me time.”

With practice, I’ve gotten better at balancing my happy-to-do things with my have-to-do things. I’m often surprised by how many things are both at once. As a result, I’m more relaxed, more inspired, more confident. I take risks I never would have dreamed of at 18. And I only have to remember a single rule:

Create happiness every day – one thing at a time.