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New Work: The GreenCycle Mulchman
New Work: The GreenCycle Mulchman
Woodrow the Mulchman takes mulch maybe a little too seriously

If this week’s April showers didn’t tip you off, spring has finally arrived. And with spring comes yardwork season. And with yardwork season comes mulch. Piles and piles of mulch. For the past few years, we’ve worked with GreenCycle to make their name synonymous to those piles of mulch being spread around central Indiana.

GreenCycle has always been a favorite account to work on, especially for our writers. Over the years, they’ve given us license to write cheeky scripts for Bob & Tom, a steamy TV spot, and the latest—Woodrow the Mulchman.

True to form, GreenCycle wanted something with some moxie in it, something that would make people laugh, something that wasn’t just touting promotional specials and free delivery. Playing on the trend of “craft videos,” we came up with Woodrow, a 5th-generation mulchman who takes himself and mulch maybe just a little too seriously. Working with Bayonet Media, we created a series of three videos to introduce Woodrow and his passion for chipped wood to the world.

So if you’re needing mulch for your yard or garden this spring, give Woodrow a shout. We love working with GreenCycle, and we think you will, too. GreenCycle makes mulch easy with online ordering and delivery right to your door. All you have to do from there is Go Mulch Yourself.

For a complete look at the work we’ve done for GreenCycle, click here to visit our Work page.