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New Work: Coalition
New Work: Coalition

Creating a brand for a new business is a multi-dimensional, full sensory experience. As consumers, we all use brand identities as a way to help us remember a particular business and the product or service they provide, and memory is triggered by more than just sight. Powerful psychological and personal associations with textures, tastes, smells, and sounds also come into play—especially when you’re considering a restaurant.

But when you’re starting from scratch, as we did with this new restaurant in Carmel, it’s important that those associations work the other way too. It’s an opportunity to craft those sensory elements into a look and feel that pleases curious consumers’ other sense: their sixth one.

Our “sixth sense” about a new brand is part of what piques our interest and leads us to give it a try. When we were creating the foundation of the Coalition brand, we thought carefully about what kind of premonition or gut feeling we wanted to put out there. After researching the market, talking extensively with the owners, and digging into some history for inspiration, our writers and designers produced a look and feel that was rooted in the restaurant’s vision: a modern, no-nonsense dining concept with hard-working ingredients and an independent spirit.


From the website to the pizza boxes, we translated the brand into all of the restaurant elements, and we were thrilled to have Phanomen bring it to life through their interior design work. The space’s natural, rustic textures pair well with the menu’s ingredients.

Now, with the sight and touch elements of the brand established, we’re amplifying the brand’s sound—its voice, message, and what other people are saying about it—by promoting it on social platforms and in the media. As for the final sensory elements—taste and smell—you”ll have to visit Coalition to taste and smell the food for yourself. (We definitely recommend you try The Ambassador and The Triumph.)