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New Work: Centerfirst
New Work: Centerfirst

There’s often a misconception that a company’s branding starts with a logo or a unique name, but really, it starts with the company.

Good branding begins with conversations about a company’s values and goals and research into their ideal clients’ experiences. After that, it’s a matter of translating those conversations and findings into a visual language clients will understand.

Take Centerfirst, for example. As an independent call center monitoring and consulting firm for bio-pharmaceutical companies, their job is to provide objective insights to help clients improve call center services for their customers. With a clear vision for who they wanted to be, Centerfirst had grown into a vibrant, forward-thinking company in the past decade. But the rest of their brand had yet to evolve the same way.


Centerfirst worked with Pivot to create a new look, one that expresses Centerfirst’s modern and dynamic personality. Just as importantly, it’s a look their cutting-edge bio-pharma clients will be able to identify with at a glance. We designed a number of materials—including a new and responsive website with custom infographics, a trade show table display, info cards, and business cards—to serve as more accurate representations of the great work Centerfirst was already doing.

It’s hard to have a great brand without great work and people. But when you have those elements in place, the rest is easy. Consider what truths and values within your company your current branding represents, and then work backwards. Is it accurately representing who you are and who you want to be? If not, it may be time to start some conversations.