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New Work: BB&C
New Work: BB&C

For more than 60 years, Lafayette-based law firm Bennett Boehning & Clary has provided counsel to individuals, families, and businesses. The attorneys have more than 140 years of combined experience, and their diverse client base numbers in the thousands. They have earned a reputation for being responsive, compassionate, and collaborative, and they take pride in making their clients’ problems their priority.

They’ve always been a stand-out firm. But they needed a stand-out look.

BB&C’s previous logo and website were outdated and bland and didn’t reflect contemporary design or the firm’s personality. So, when it came to creating a new look for BB&C, there were two things we wanted the identity to convey: (1) a high level of expertise and talent, and (2) the firm’s friendliness and approachability.

We started with the logo. While the old one was clunky and could have belonged to any law firm, the new sans serif logo is straightforward. Clean. Versatile. It looks and feels official, present.

The new tagline, “Here for life,” speaks to BB&C’s dedication to their clients. It says, “We’re a lifelong partner and are here when you need us.” It says, “We’ve got it covered, so you can focus on what’s truly important.” And it means that, from beginning to end, BB&C will help clients navigate the challenges life presents.

As for the new color palette? When we met the attorneys and their cheerful, colorful personalities, we immediately realized how poorly the old brand—composed of dreary blues and grays—represented them. To maintain some continuity from the old to the new, we kept the blue, but brightened it up and added a deep navy for contrast. The new colors say, “We take law seriously.” Then we added a support palette of bright, almost neon colors that, set against the navy, say, “And we’re fun to be around.”

BB&C: Color Palette

For potential clients, the new website gives an immediate sense of who BB&C is. Rather than having to parse a labyrinth of copy and bullet points, viewers can see, within a few seconds, that this is a high-quality law firm with a small-town friendliness. The website is easy to navigate and fun to interact with. And the new content is more streamlined, so potential and existing clients can efficiently explore BB&C’s practice areas or keep up with their blog. There’s even a video to watch.

We also fashioned business cards, brochures, letterheads, and notebooks, unifying BB&C’s look. The materials help clients keep track of paperwork, notes, and contact information, and serve as yet another reminder that BB&C is “here for life.”


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