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New Work: Axis Architecture
New Work: Axis Architecture

In Indianapolis, you can see the downtown transit center, the Nature Conservancy, and the Lilly LIFE Center. Head south, and you’ll find Taxman Brewing Company in Bargersville, Ind. And further down I-65, in Columbus, Ind., there’s the Cummins LiveWell Center and COM Building.

All sleek. All contemporary. All Axis Architecture + Interiors.

Since 1995, Drew White and Kevin Cooper have led a team of talented architects, designers, and planners. The firm serves civic, corporate, healthcare, housing, industrial, and retail clients, and has earned a reputation for being creative, caring, and progressive. Axis has also been the proud recipient of multiple awards from the American Institute of Architects at both the state and local level.

But their old website didn’t show off a clean, refined, modern aesthetic. It was built during a time when frames were a trend on websites. While interesting, the coding felt gimmicky after a while. Visitors to the site were bound within a small area. Axis’s projects didn’t stand out.

Things felt … outdated. It was time for a revamp.

When creating the new design, there were a few things we wanted to do: (1) convey the firm’s sense of style and personality, (2) showcase Axis’s work with captivating photography, and (3) incorporate the logo previously created by designer James Sholly.

But how?

By using full-screen images as the foundation. By giving each member of the Axis team a bio page and the opportunity to share more about himself or herself. By incorporating the logo in a loader page. By setting up Working Draft, a place to post news, articles, and project updates.


Axis Website- Bio

Axis Website - Loader

The site is also responsive, so potential clients can explore on a variety of mobile devices. And since the navigation is inviting and immersive, visitors to the site can easily scroll through a project’s image gallery. The gimmicks are gone; the site showcases the quality of Axis’s work.


Axis Website - Responsive


Regarding the layout, the new website follows a basic grid pattern (an existing brand element); however, we added some contrast to the perpendicular grid—subtle, slanted lines create visual interest and serve as points of tension in an otherwise geometric grid. There are striking lines of text, too. These messages tell the viewer a little more about Axis and its dedication to bold designs and open spaces. They stand out. They demand attention.

Just like Axis.

To learn more about this project, click here to visit our Work page.