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Telling the world who we really are

We aren’t entirely sure where this week went. Like everyone in Indy, we were tossed headfirst into the RFRA whirlwind that threatened to devastate the good reputation of Indiana and our beloved capital city. But we found ourselves in good company, working alongside a coalition of talented, impassioned businesses and organizations to show our country who Indy really is—a city of gracious, kind, and welcoming people.

We were tapped to create the identity for the Indy Welcomes All campaign, and it’s been heartening to see the city embrace it over the past few days. This is more than a campaign. It’s a movement. It’s our way of showing how much Indianapolis means to us, all of us.

We want even more people to trumpet our city’s welcome, so these are for you. If you love Indy, please take these files and distribute them with your family, friends, neighbors – everyone you want to share the love with.

Follow Indy Welcomes All on Facebook, Instagram (@indywelcomesall), and Twitter (@IndyWelcomesAll). We’re excited to keep this movement building, and there’s more to come. So keep your eyes, ears, and most importantly your hearts open.