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Copywriting: A Designer’s Perspective
Copywriting: A Designer’s Perspective

Will copywriters soon become extinct? In a few years, will agencies just consist of designers who can do everything by themselves? Some agencies are already doing away with the separation between designers and copywriters. So is this the new face of marketing?

The answer to that is: we sure hope not.

Copywriters do more than just write words.

Copywriters bring a lot of things to the creative table that can help designers. They can create jumping off points to push a project further than it would have gone with just a designer. It’s a different mindset, a further exploration of ideas that can spark creativity for designers. Copywriters don’t just write words or string sentences together. They help tie concepts and messages together, creating a product of much higher quality.

Every company and brand has a story that wants to be told. Visuals and logos can capture a lot of that. But they aren’t nearly as strong or convincing without the power of words behind them. Copywriters can evoke emotion and feelings in a way that makes sense. They can simplify concepts or cause people to dive deeper into thoughts they ordinarily wouldn’t have had.

Copywriters help get things done. 

Having both copywriters and designers also creates a much more productive office. We can focus our time on the things we love doing, and we can do more of it. It creates an atmosphere of productivity, responsiveness, and collaboration to get more things done. When we’re coming up with a new concept or design, we like to have both designers and copywriters around the table.

Ultimately we’re trying to deliver the best design possible with visuals and words working together to convey a cohesive idea. But none of this can happen unless the designers and copywriters appreciate each other’s worth. Having respect for what each other does is huge. It’s important to value each other’s opinions, recommendations, and views. If the designers and writers don’t believe in and respect one another for what they do, then it’s never going to work. Don’t have an ego, thinking that design is so important that you don’t need writers.