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New Brews and Music at Chilly Water
New Brews and Music at Chilly Water

When Chilly Water opens tomorrow, bike, beer, and music buffs will have a new favorite hangout in the Holy Rosary neighborhood. And with his lifetime collection of Grateful Dead concert tickets and years of experience as one of Indy’s most veteran brewers, no one fits in more perfectly than owner Skip Duvall.

What it is: “This is first and foremost a live music joint,” says Skip. For starters, the restaurant takes its name from a Widespread Panic song. And the beers and menu items, too, all share something in common with iconic songs and musicians, such as John Prine and Chick Corea, but we’ll let you music trivia whizes out there discover the connections for yourselves.

What we like: You can have your beer and drink it too. Before opening Chilly Water, Skip walked away from the corporate world and turned to brewing at the start of the recession, so he sympathizes with the working masses. Says Skip, “I had an office job. I understand what’s it’s like to have only an hour for lunch. We want people to be able to get in and out the door fast.”

What we’ll have: Our tasting of the 5-String ESB gave us a great first impression of what’s to come, and we’ll definitely be back for another. As for the other soon-to-be iconic Chilly Water brews? “Our pilsner is going to kick ass,” says Skip.