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Brand Yourself: How (and why) to Cultivate an Online Identity
Brand Yourself: How (and why) to Cultivate an Online Identity

I was found on Twitter.

Over the last several years I have maintained a Twitter account, a Facebook page, and an online portfolio. All have had the same theme and type of content. I tweeted, shared, and posted things often in order to keep up conversations with my audiences. So if someone were to Google me, the same message would be found across all platforms: I was a tech-savvy, student at IU with a passion for sports, public relations, and marketing. And that’s exactly how Pivot found me.

When thinking about branding yourself, a lot of people get overwhelmed. How do I do I brand myself? Why should I brand myself? Where do I even start?

Here are some quick tips to help you better brand yourself:

Define yourself
Take a step back and look at yourself as a whole. If you were a product, what purpose would you serve? What are your personal attributes that really help you stand out from the crowd?
Map out your plan
Before you start dancing around the Internet aimlessly, you need to figure out what channels fit your needs. Are you going to be writing blog posts, or are you going to be sending out your thoughts and ideas in 140 characters or less?
Be uniform
You should look like one person across all platforms, not four different people. Make yourself and your messages cohesive and unified. It helps to have the same headshot as your profile picture on all social medial platforms. Also find one or a few colors that you like as well as a typeface and keep that theme going across all channels as well. Don’t forget to treat yourself like a product. You won’t see Nutella or Bud Lite advertised with different fonts, colors, and messages, and neither should you.
Be present and relevant
Be sure to continue to update your blog on a regular basis if you have one. Continue to tweet and retweet relevant articles. Not only should you continue conversation of your industry or interests, but also you should communicate on a regular basis that really gets you noticed. Telling the world what you’re eating at 2am is not going to be nearly as effective as sharing an article at noon on upcoming city events. Pay attention to the people around you and the times in which your posts will be most read and shared.



The beauty of personal branding is that you are in control of you. You get to decide what people see when they search for you or come across your online profile.  So why not make it a positive image? Produce a uniform message and profile, and have some fun with it. Put things into your words and demonstrate your style. You never know what kind of doors personal branding can open.