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New Work: Bosma Campaign
New Work: Bosma Campaign

Bosma Enterprises provides job training, employment services, rehabilitation, and outreach programs for people who are blind or visually impaired.

Last summer, Pivot had the privilege of working on Bosma’s rebranding and website. For this new campaign, our goal is to amplify Bosma’s mission in order to attract more potential donors and employer-partners and to reach the communities of people who are blind or visually impaired.


We wanted the brand voice to be confident and direct with an emotional and conversational appeal. Who better to embody those qualities than Bosma’s clients?

Bosma’s clients are real people overcoming real obstacles every day. And as we got to know them and their stories, we knew we had to share them.



Getting to know Adam (featured in the TV spot above) was like being hit by a tidal wave of enthusiasm. His story provided a natural energy, which we hope will inspire others to turn to Bosma.


Bosma has been around for almost 100 years. They’re an authority in their field and an invaluable source of information for business owners, legislators, and news outlets that have questions about blindness. In this radio spot, “The Unknown,” we identify some of those common questions.

We developed a second radio spot to resonate with individuals who are blind or visually impaired and with those whose loved ones are facing a similar diagnosis. In this one, “Recognize the Signs,” a Bosma client encourages listeners who may be unsure of where to seek help.


Bosma is not a charity. It’s a nonprofit model that works and impacts lives in profound ways. Likewise, the people who benefit from Bosma’s services are not charity cases and should never be portrayed as such.

In our print and banner ads, we emphasize the strength of Bosma’s clients. We also invite readers and users to delve deeper into one client’s real and inspiring story. By providing different ways to respond, we’re able to open up a wider channel for emotional communication.



The entire process was more like building a relationship than just creating a campaign. Along with Bayonet Media, our production partner, we were generously invited into the homes and lives of Bosma clients, and we were given the privilege of bringing the stories of their darkest struggles and brightest victories to a larger stage.

For more information about Bosma Enterprises, visit their website.