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We’ve Only Just Begun: One Year With Wheelie
We’ve Only Just Begun: One Year With Wheelie

My first day in the office, Wheelie curled up under my desk and fell asleep on my bright green messenger bag. He looked so sweet and orange and fluffy, I couldn’t bring myself to move or wake him. Until the end of the day when I gently petted him until he woke up, then apologized for doing so.

Yes, I apologized to the cat for interrupting his sleep. This is also known as the moment I realized I’d lost control of my life.

My second day in the office, Wheelie knocked the framed photo of my family off my desk. My co-workers reprimanded him lovingly. “Wheelie, No! Be nice.” But I laughed and laughed because even when I worked with children, I loved the worst kids the most. Wheelie is no exception.

I’ve only worked for a Pivot for the past two months, so I wasn’t here when Wheelie joined the company last year. The story is that he walked right up to my co-workers meeting on our back patio. He was about eleven weeks old, friendly, and almost elfin with large ears he hadn’t quite grown into yet. His name was put to a vote: Would he be Wheelie or Murphy? We know how the vote came down, but could you ever imagine this cat being called anything but Wheelie? Me neither.

I love my job, and I have amazing co-workers, but Wheelie is the first new friend I made in this office. When the rest of the office was on a 9-6 schedule, I was here from 8-3. Wheelie and I spent the first hour of the morning preparing the office for everyone else. We’d start the music, turn on the lights, make the coffee, and if there was time, ran around a little just to get my energy going and his spent.

Most days he’d be worn out enough from our mornings to be mellow the rest of the day. Other days, we’d all be taking turns stopping him from tearing the office apart until he finally passed out in Union’s trash can. But every day I walk into the office and say “hi” to him. I pet him, I feed him, make sure he has clean water, then I let him watch me make the coffee. He likes that. I’m always excited to see him on Monday after spending all weekend apart (Jenn checks on him Saturday and Sunday), almost forgetting how crazy he’d been the previous week.

Everyone in this office loves this cat. I know I’m pretty crazy about him. He’s become our unofficial mascot, furry playmate, and and Instagram celebrity. I don’t know Pivot without Wheelie, and I’m actually kind of glad I don’t. He’s an essential piece of this puzzle for me.

Thanks for hanging out with us the past year, Wheelie. You’re the best action cat for this real action office.

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