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New Work: Muegge Mobile Site
New Work: Muegge Mobile Site

Muegge, a family-owned HVAC, plumbing and electrical service provider here in Indianapolis, noticed a problem with their website recently. More than 20% of their traffic was coming from mobile users—and many of them were leaving too quickly.

Mobile devices have developed out of a need for convenient, instant communication, so when that ability is thwarted by poor optimization, it defeats the purpose. A business quickly loses contact with the consumer when their mobile site fails to communicate. And the consumer quickly loses interest in the business.

We helped Muegge redesign and launch a mobile-friendly version of their website that would increase conversion for them and improve usability for their customers. In the process, we implemented three basic principles for mobile websites:

(1) Be picky about how much content to include
For mobile, less is more. We pared down Muegge’s content to just the essentials and kept the number of pages small. When the device is the size of your hand, the universe of the website should fit proportionately.

(2) Get friendly with your “delete” key
In such a small space, it’s easy for visitors to feel overwhelmed by textual information. Although Muegge offers a wide range of services with a huge array of options, we focused on the main ones with short, no-frills copy.

(3) Emphasize the really useful stuff
Muegge’s goal is to be a readily available and responsive resource for their customers, so we highlighted their accessibility by including a “Call” button at the top and bottom of each page. To make it even easier for visitors to take action, we added a page just for special offers.

Muegge Mobile

If you haven’t already, consider for a moment what your business is communicating by not having a mobile-friendly site. Are you making it as easy as possible to solve a problem? Or are you leaving roadblocks in the way?

Muegge recognized that their customers needed mobile utility and that it was Muegge’s job to respond. It’s a move their customers will appreciate, not just on a practical level, but as a gesture of customer service goodwill as well.