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New Work: Exodus Refugee Immigration
New Work: Exodus Refugee Immigration

Exodus Refugee Immigration has been working with refugees from all over the world since 1981. In their thirty-two years of operation, Exodus has helped thousands of refugees establish self-sufficient lives in freedom and sanctuary right here in Indiana.

This year, we partnered with Exodus to design new creative materials that captured the bold, dynamic vision Exodus has for the future. We centered their new look around the idea of “The Life Ahead,” a concept that challenges supporters to realize the grand-scale impact of their contributions, not just on the lives of refugees, but on the future of human rights worldwide.


“To tell the Exodus story,” said Creative Director Ryan Abegglen, “We first needed to tell the refugees’ stories.” With that driving principle in mind, the video “Preparing for Dinner” invites viewers into the home of a refugee family for a simple meal. It weaves together the stories of the family, the Exodus staff, and the volunteers who have all made such a difference in each other’s lives.



Exodus addresses a very complex situation with a wide array of services. On any given day, they may be working with a host of volunteers, donors, or partner organizations, so they needed a flexible and simple way to share their information.

Exodus Refugee Info Cards

Pivot identified four primary communication areas and titled them “About,” “Support,” “Engage,” and “Hire.” We then integrated them with the theme “The Life Ahead” to design a series of brief information cards featuring¬†Katie Basbagill’s¬†original photography of Exodus clients.


Exodus hosts and attends many events in the community, so Pivot designed full-length banners to highlight their information tables and booths. By helping promote Exodus’ mission, we’ve been honored to play a small part in the work that they do.

Exodus Refugee Banners

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