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A (Recent) Insider’s Guide to Fountain Square
A (Recent) Insider’s Guide to Fountain Square

I visited Fountain Square for the first time in 2006. My wife (then girlfriend) and I drove around for literally an hour trying to find Radio Radio. Looking back, it seems so silly to us. How did we get lost, try to get just a mile south of where we were living downtown?

After that night, I came back a few times, as a patron of the Murphy’sFirst Friday festivities or to grab a drink and catch a show. But I still didn’t truly ‘get’ Fountain Square. Don’t get me wrong, the Square has always been that cool, artsy, funky neighborhood to me, but I had no idea what it really had to offer until I began working down here. That was ten weeks ago.

In that time, I learned a few things I’d like to share with you. Here are ten things I have learned in ten weeks about Fountain Square:

1. You can eat lunch at a different place every day for, like, weeks.

2. Pro tip: all of the gas stations around here have a $5 minimum on debit card purchases. It’s a good idea to carry cash.

3. If you’re a competitive person, check out the bocce ball courts at B’s Po Boy.

4. There is such a thing as a tequila Bloody Mary (aka a Bloody Maria.)

5. If these walls could talk. Fountain Square is home to many historic buildings. I’m told our building used to be a post office.

6. Our zip code, 46203, has the highest rate of stray cats in Indianapolis.

7. Don’t mind the orange cones. Construction is underway on theCultural Trail to better connect Fountain Square to downtown and other cultural districts.

8. Duckpin bowling is harder than it looks! Putting a crazy spin on the ball helped me.

9. Fountain Square offers free public parking. That’s unheard of.

10. Looking for a thrill? The Murphy Building is (rumored to be)haunted.

Now that I work at Pivot, every day I’m really hit by how many amazing offerings are within walking distance. Fountain Square, I’ll never take you for granted again. And now that I have a smartphone, I’ll never get lost again.