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Instagramming Without Instagram
Instagramming Without Instagram

Here’s my pickle: I’m traveling to France this week and I love sharing photos (Instagram is my jam). But I don’t want to pay a hefty roaming fee to use my iPhone apps and a person can’t use Instagram any other way than through a phone.

I just can’t post photos straight-up, no filter. It feels… wrong. So, in an effort to Fakestagram my travel pics, I found a few web-based alternatives that still allow that Instagram-ish feel, without being tied to a phone. And they’re all free.


This site is super simple to use. Select a filter, check the box to add a frame, type a comment in the box, and tweet it out. You can crop your image, too. PicYou also has a free iPhone app, which looks an awful lot like Instagram.


Pixlr-o-matic isn’t a photo editor–you can’t use it to crop, rotate, or resize your photos–but it’s got a nify interface and does let you add cool retro-style filters, textures, and frames to your pics. Pixlr-o-matic has 26 filters, 30 textures, and 31 frames for you to choose from. With each photo, you can use one filter, one texture, and one frame.


If you like bells and whistles, this one’s for you. BeFunky has it all. You can import photos from your desktop, Flickr or Facebook, crop and straighten, choose from a ton of different filters (and the intensity of each filter’s effects), add text and even cartoon shamrocks. Download your finished product or publish straight to Twitter, Tumblr, Flickr, Facebook, etc.


These web-based editors will also come in handy if Instagram ever goes down again and you really, really need to post a retro-style, half-blurry photo of your sleeping cat. There are also sites that let you view Instagram photos gallery-style, by user or by tag, via your computer. I like Hashgram.


Do you have a favorite online photo editor or Instagram enhancer?