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Four Recent Rebrands — Unveiled
Four Recent Rebrands — Unveiled

Meet Munchkin the Mystery Mutt. He was Number 2 in an ugliest dog contest. There’s something incredibly sad about that. Poor Munchkin.

Logos can have bad hair and an overbite, too.

Not long ago, the following brands — though not pitiful, like Munchkin — came to Pivot to look and feel fabulous. Our makeover artists went to work, transforming the following identities.

Metric Rebrand

Metric | Unlimit your IT™ |

  • The challenge: Rename and position Spartan Technology Services as a strategic information technology partner for business owners in Indianapolis.
  • The approach: Highlight the company owner’s engineering background, brilliance, and love for puzzles and systems.
  • The result: A brand name and tagline that highlight the possibilities of mathematics, engineering, and IT.

Cornerstone Rebrand

Cornerstone Flooring | seamless durability® |

  • The challenge: Cornerstone manufactures and installs state-of-the-art polyurethane flooring systems for highly regulated, specialized environments. Their logo did not convey advanced products and processes.
  • The approach: Highlight Cornerstone’s superior flooring systems and technologies through a new brand and website.
  • The result: The fresh, bright green is a modern choice; while the mark is a literal representation of the layered flooring system. The typography is confident and clean. And, the tagline communicates the products superior performance over time.

BuildSmart Rebrand

BuildSmart Construction

  • The challenge: Jim Bridenstine’s commercial construction company had a great name, but the logo was overly playful and nondescript.
  • The approach: BuildSmart is a fun name, and it needed a strong visual partner. We would position the firm as the go-to commercial construction contractor for architects, interior designers, and small business owners in Central Indiana. It’s a friendly company that communicates constantly with customers.
  • The result: The BuildSmart icon and type treatment are bold yet friendly, and the bright orange is still playful yet all-grown-up.

Muegge Rebrand

Muegge | Muegge makes it last.™

  • The challenge: National competitors have made a strong play for residential plumbing, heating, and electrical customers in Greenfield, Indiana. What can a local brand, literally on Main Street, do to combat the influx?
  • The approach: Muegge (pronounced may-gee) will exude three things: local, family-owned, and vintage. Muegge is an all-American, hometown brand. It should look and act accordingly.
  • The result: The new logo is an homage to 1940s filling stations, and the new tagline Muegge makes it last™ does two things: (i) it talks about the company’s maintenance services, and (ii) via alliteration, it tells you how to pronounce Muegge (may-gee).

Of course, beauty is more than logo deep. Visual identities will begin a new chapter for each of these remarkable Pivot clients.

Which one is your favorite?