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Stuff We’re Grateful For
Stuff We’re Grateful For

When we were small, we used to trace our hands on sheets of construction paper. We used the outlines to shape turkeys, and on the paper feathers we would scribble a few of our favorite things: family, friends, pets. Macaroni and cheese. The color blue.

As adults, our gratitude is immense, ever-growing. Even in a world of chaos and instant gratification, there are things we can never replace: big things, small things. Anything. Everything.

We wouldn’t be who we are or where we are without our families. We are so thankful for our parents, who were patient, kind, and selfless. We love our siblings, our decades-long partners-in-crime. We are thankful for our children. Our step-children. Our godchildren, nieces, and nephews. We have supportive, encouraging in-laws. And, of course, we’re grateful for our husbands, wives, boyfriends, and girlfriends. Our “others.” Our better halves. Our better three-quarters, for that matter. They keep us grounded. Centered. Inspired. They’re even-keeled and forgive us for accidentally punching them in the eye when manically dancing to “Take On Me.”

And we’re especially thankful that our loved ones supported our decision to purchase early tickets to Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

When listing our favorite things, brown paper packages tied up with string did make an appearance. But so did long underwear, WD-40, and goats. We’re thankful for the ability to breathe in the scent of fresh mulch and Paddywax tobacco + patchouli candles. We love Kit-Kats and the key of E flat major. We’re thankful that Ke$ha isn’t popular anymore, and we’re grateful for indoor plumbing and the tools of to-do lists: pens and Post-It notes.

We love notebooks, too. And old books, especially the ones that smell as if Kennedy is still in office. And Star Wars. Six years of Star Wars. Definitely thankful for that.

We’re also thankful for coffee and the quiet of winter. For sweet potatoes both with and without marshmallows. For Siam Square, just a few steps from our office. Really, we’re just thankful for food. Hot damn, we love food. (And drink.) We’re grateful for our moms’ cooking, for summer salads and winter stews. For IPAs and ciders from New Day Meadery. And donuts, especially from Long’s. We’re thankful for the Keurig our “other” lets us keep in the bedroom. And we’re thankful for sandwiches from Wildwood, even if they don’t post photos of them until after noon.

At the office, we’re thankful for each other. We challenge each other, and in moments of frustration, we crack a joke or pull up old SNL clips. Our flexible environment encourages continuous learning. We’re grateful to work with clients who are dedicated to their missions and communities, and who encourage us to be creative. Bold. Progressive. We love working on exciting projects with passionate people, and we’re grateful for the online productivity tools that keep us focused.

Technology can be pretty damn helpful, and that’s why we’re thankful for cell phones, Facebook, and FaceTime. We’re able to keep in touch with our loved ones and send them snippets of our lives in Indianapolis.

Whether we’re Indy natives or Indy transplants, we’re grateful for the opportunities and experiences this city offers. We run on tree-lined trails and dine at an ever-expanding list of hybrid restaurants. We have Gen Con. “Taco Wednesday” at Tortas. The Indianapolis Colts. Paul George. (Paul Simon is not from Indianapolis, but we also are thankful for him.)

We’d feel unfulfilled if we were without music, AIGA, and cats and dogs. We’re thankful for the ability to use “#blessed” ironically, and we adore Triumph Motorcycles and National Audubon Society field guides. And Star Wars.

Our lives would be emptier without our teachers and professors, who taught us that creativity is unlimited. We may not have been born rich, but we’ve done our best to fill our lives with friends old and new, and with people who keep us motivated, keep us laughing.

We’re thankful for the ability to walk. For our hands. For our country. For the roofs over our heads. And we’re grateful for time. Time to live. To think. To breathe, see, taste, touch. Time to experience and feel; time to be thankful for everything.

Especially Star Wars.