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8 Websites to Make You Smile
8 Websites to Make You Smile

In times of hardship and heartbreak, it can be easy to lose ourselves in the media. We keep the TV on, listening for the latest news. We scroll through Twitter, searching for first-hand accounts. And we feel—angry, sad, confused, devastated.

It’s times like these when we most need a reason to smile, to have hope. So, this week, here are a few of our favorite websites that remind us to look for silver linings. If a heavy heart’s got you down, escape for a little while, Google baby bears, and always look for the helpers.

Timothy McSweeney’s Internet Tendency
Though visually driven, bite-sized, BuzzFeed-style content tends to dominate social feeds, McSweeney’s Internet Tendency is aggressively long-form and text-heavy and still somehow manages a spot-on wry humor. Its vivid pieces rely on clever, detailed imagery and prove you can be funny even without GIFs.

Sad Topographies
Sad Topographies describes itself as “somewhere to go, when you’re feeling low.” The famed Instagram account collects the most desolate-sounding places on Earth, including Emptyness Drive, Futile Lake, and Grandmother’s Hole.

The Higgs Weldon
The Higgs Weldon is largely a creative outlet for the L.A. comedian community, but it welcomes submissions from all over. The site offers a mix of web comics, one-liners, and humor columns, with riffs on a wide range of topics. Here’s a recent favorite.

Aww Subreddit
When it comes to quick pick-me-ups, this subreddit never disappointments. There are dogs learning sign language, baby anteaters, and ALL THE THINGS that make you go, “Awwwww!” #ZOMGkittens

The Ringer
Sports columnist, analyst, author, and podcaster Bill Simmons launched The Ringer earlier this year. The site fills the Grantland-sized holes in the hearts of Simmons fans and is chock-full of sports and pop culture coverage.

Glacier National Park Instagram
Dare you to look at the @glaciernps account and not be filled with wonder and wanderlust. The images capture the park’s breathtaking mountain peaks and are almost as magical as visiting the park in the person.

The Onion
The media and news business can be intense and, at times, downright depressing. So, in a twisted way, it’s fun to occasionally poke fun and take a look at our world through an ironic and hilarious lens. The Onion can make a point by unmaking it.

Cake Wrecks
Put down the glass you’re drinking out of. Because if you’re mid-sip, you will spew water/coffee/tea/beer all over your screen and shake with laughter at these un-delectable, professionally made desserts.

Stay strong. Don’t lose your faith in humanity. Give more hugs. And, for Pete’s sake, listen to this duck army.