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12 Gift Ideas for Creatives
12 Gift Ideas for Creatives
Let your creativity flow with these holiday gift suggestions

Stumped as to what holiday gift you can get your artist friend? Your graphic designer spouse? The significant other in need of a creative outlet?

Well, we’re here to help. Check out these 12 gift ideas for the writers, artists, designers, decorators, and creatives in your life. 

Gift Ideas for Creatives Collage 01

1. AquaNotes
Let’s be honest: a nice, hot, loooooong shower always leads to the best ideas. Like what to name a femme rock band (Screaming Kittens). Or what to call a combo tavern-hardware store (Let’s Get Hammered). AquaNotes keeps these ideas from washing down the drain.

2. Cacti Coasters
$44.14 (£29.00)
This little dude is useful and fun to puzzle with. It provides the aesthetic of a real cactus without the ouch, all while protecting a creative’s desk and/or coffee table from dreaded drink rings. 

3. Own Your Awesome Affirmation Deck
What’s more awesome than owning your own awesomeness? Anyone can appreciate affirming, positive words, and these cards give them to you. They are reminders that you, yes you, are awesome. That you can go out and kick butt. That you are love. Oh. And bonus points for being highlighted in gold foil.

4. “I’m Comic Sans, A**hole” Mug
Remember this? Well, Comic Sans is back, baby, and it’s “the best thing to happen to a ceramic mug since Johannes Gutenberg.”

5. Mod Notebooks
Mod Notebooks are straight-forward, just-what-you-would-expect notebooks … except for the fact they sync to the cloud. After your friend/spouse/person fills a notebook with ideas, Mod digitizes it for your friend/spouse/person. And to boot, the notebooks come in three paper types: pain, ruled, and dot-grid.

6. Colorful Cord Keeper Set
Neatness is key, yo. These cord keepers ensure that your loved ones won’t get their cords all in a tizzy. And, as the product description says, “you’ll never use a zip-tie again, unless you’re into that kind of thing.”

Gift Ideas for Creatives Collage 02

7. Creatology Kinetic Sand
Kinetic Sand is pretty much the perfect brain break. It’s tactile. Sensory. Playful. It’ll make any creative feel like a kid again. Yours can mess around with logo ideas in 3D or just stop work for a few minutes and get distracted creative.

8. Palomino Blackwing Pencils
These pencils, crafted from genuine Incense Cedar, make the art of sketching and the practice of writing a sensual experience. The ultra-smooth glide these pencils provide is close to nirvana. (A bundle of these guys is even closer.)

9. Pantone Christmas Ornament 286 Blue
These Pantone-themed ornaments are perfect for designers, decorators, and the color-obsessed. And after your favorite creative has used these ornaments to deck the tree, be sure she (or he) decks the halls. With holly. Or, you know, other things. (Like more holly.) 

10. Boba Fett 18×24 Silkscreen Art Print
The entire Concepción Studios shop is full of beautifully designed pieces, but Warhol plus Star Wars? Come on—like you can do better than that. 

11. Konstruktor F
If you have a photographer-tinkerer in your life, consider picking up the world’s first 35mm do-it-yourself SLR camera. After deciphering the instructions and uttering a swear word or two while putting the camera together, your beloved photographer-tinkerer can reward himself with long exposures, multiple exposures, and flash photos.

12. The Idea Writers by Teressa Iezzi
Just as the product description says, this book is a fantastic read for anyone looking to understand “the new realities of the brand creativity business.” Back in the day, one great headline could launch a career and a brand. Today, however, creatives have to be more, uh, creative with their, uh, creative work, and The Idea Writers examines how the digital world has changed advertising.